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Now it is possible to give your clients back-to-back great tans consistently!


Our Exfoliating Mitt is specially constructed scrub mitten that effectively banishes any old sunless tan buildup while buffing away dead skin, making you ready to re-apply your next perfect tan. A serious must-have for all tanning salons or luxury beauty havens!


So what can you expect?
+ Easily corrects tanning self-tanning mistakes

+ Visibly sloughs off dead skin, perfect for deep exfoliating

+ Just add water! Can be used solo or paired with your favorite wash or scrub for extra cleaning action

+ With regular use, it helps skin look younger, fresher, and brighter by stimulating collagen

+ Buffs away ingrown hairs

+ Use both sides to get those hard to reach places like your back

+ Durable viscose fabric effectively exfoliates and buffs your skin

+ Form-fitted wristband to keep Mitt in place while you exfoliate

+ Hanging loop for easy air drying to keep your Mitt clean and reusable
+ Comes packaged in an eco-friendly biodegradable paper canister for easy display and storage


PRO Tip 1: Exfoliate limbs first working towards the heart to improve circulation & the appearance of cellulite!

PRO Tip 2: Creates great package deal items for salon specials!

PRO Tip 3: Best if replaced every 3-6 months.



Exfoliating Mitt (white label)

  • Soften your skin in the shower and make sure to really rinse off any body wash used. It is best to dampen your mitt, but make sure it’s not too wet. Start rubbing with firm pressure in a circular motion until you see dead skin cells rub away. Work your way over your entire body and pay special attention to extra rough spots like elbow and knees. Do not apply too much pressure though, if your skin begins to feel raw - STOP and reduce the pressure. You can use the mitt on your face but avoid the eye area. 

    Do not use if skin irritation is caused or already present. Do not share with others.

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