Move over diamonds, the Shady Nation has new besties!

As seen in FabUPlus Magazine!


This light, moisturizing dry-oil sparkles with the subtle reflections of natural mica. The keyword is subtle-this is not body glitter! 


So what can you expect?

  + Finishes dry, so no greasy feeling once absorbed  

 + Hydrates tans with coconut and safflower oils while natural mica shows them off

  + Pigments slightly alter tan's appearance without overtaking your look

  + Helps define muscles like no other

  + Unscented to pair easier with your customers' other favorite cosmetic items

  + Can be used with or without a tan

  + Safe for face & body (also works on hair)

Comes in three options uniquely designed to heighten the Shady Tan experience:

+ Bronze: Bring out the natural golden tones in your Shady Tan to leave a honey luster glow to your skin.
+ Rose Gold: Create rich tones on your Shady Tan to deposit warmth to your sunless tan.
+ Opal: Highlight collar bones & shoulders to give your Shady Tan a 3D effect without altering seen tone.


Shady PRO Tip: These are not self-tanners, the hue changes, as well as the sparkle, are subtle. Layer for a more dramatic look or suggest a Shady Tan Can or Shady Foam for clients looking for more semi-permanent results at home. 

MSRP: $22

Shady Mist (wholesale)

  • Shake well before use- this product is natural and seperation is normal. Spritz on directly to skin and rub over desired areas using circular motions. Wash hands after use. 

    Mists wash off after showering.