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We know starting out can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your spray tan career. This guide is almost 50 pages and has everything you need to start and build your business with confidence. It's easy-to-follow and touches on some of the main areas, questions and concerns like:
+ Background to spray tanning
+ What does the FDA have to say
+ How to have your clients preparation
+ How to give an amazing client consultation
+ How to ensure proper aftercare
+ Solutions help
+ Equipment reccomendations
+ How to sell more retail items
+ Pricing & marketing help

PLUS we have included some amazing BONUSES:

+ New Client Forms

+ Aftercare Forms

+ FDA Client Sign

+ and more!

Shady Tan Guide - Technician Manual

  • This e-book has everything you need to be dangerous out there in the sunless world. With background info, tools and tips of the trade, and additional ways on how to market yourself - this will be your Shady tanning guru guide. 


    After purchasing the e-book, we will email it to you. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case.

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