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A soft, washable mitt for applying self-tanning products. Our mitt ensures an even, streak-free tan and protects the palms from staining.


So what can you expect?

+ Velvety felt fabric effectively distributes tans evenly

+ Sewn edges for durable construction

+ Inside liner to protect product bleeding onto hands

+ Rinse with water & let air drying to keep your Mitt clean & reusable 


PRO Tip 1: Creates great package deal items for salon specials with the self-tanners!

PRO Tip 2: Best if replaced every 3 months.



Tanning Mitt (white label)

  • When using with your Tan in a Can, hold the can approximately six inches away from your skin and spray all over and blend with the tan side of the mitt for an even coverage. When using with a mousse, apply small amount of gel to mitt and blend onto skin in cirular motions. The mitt should be washed in warm soapy water after each use and air dried away from heat sources.

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