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When's the best time to book my spray tan?

We hear this question a lot, whether it's a first time tanner or experienced- this still seems to be a more ambiguous area for most people. However, it comes down to you and truly depends on the event and the Shade desired.


For a deeper tan, the day before an event is perfect! This allows for the freshest tan possible. Bronzers from the initial application are also sometimes locked in after the first rinse- this can really help your tan pop.

For a more subtle glow, we advise that you book your Personal Tanner 2-3 days before the date of your occasion. If booking for a wedding or prom, a trial tan can be extremely beneficial; this way you know what to expect and how the solution will react with your skin. We always suggest booking your trial tan at least 2-3 weeks before your final tan is needed to allow time for proper fading.


Technicians, are you hearing this and not sure what's best? We always suggest keeping track of the Shady Tan used during your client's trial, so that adjustments can be made if needed for the final tan. It also reassures that the client will be happy knowing how the color will look on their skin for their upcoming occasion.

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