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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2016

It's almost that time of year again. Time to think of others, reminisce on how awesome the past year has been and stuff our faces. But with that first one can come some stress of finding the perfect small ways to show you care. Well Shady Nation, do not fret- we have the best ideas for stocking stuffers and small gifts for anyone in your life. Check out our top 10 below!

for her:

Shady Glimmer- $30.00

Perfect for those of us who are a bit impatient, our tinted shimmer helps establish a great glow immediately after applying. Shady Glimmer is a daily moisturizer with contouring bronzing shimmer that will help you look slimmer, more defined and like you just came from the beach.

Richmond & Finch Marble iPhone Case- $46.00

A hard shell iPhone case with the look and protection of marble. Logo lettering at band with a gorgeous metallic trim. Formfitting construction with button, cord, and camera access, this case can't be beat! Grab your girl the in look this year at ShopBop.

Shady Mist in Rose Gold- $22.00

Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but if she had a tan we bet this would replace them quickly! This light moisturizing dry-oil sparkles with the subtle reflections of natural mica. The keyword is subtle-this is not body glitter! A smooth blend of coconut oil and safflower oil with natural mica pigments, allows our Shady Mist to hydrate your skin and make your tan wow! This creates rich tones on your skin to give warmth to your skin. Get one or all 3 here.

Butter London Joyfull Gift Set- $15.00

Spread smiles this season with joyful pinks that play up your girly side. This delightful duo gives you a highly pigmented gloss on your lips and a soft metallic shine on your tips. Grab yours at butter LONDON.

Shady Foam- $35.00

With coco brown bronzers, your deep rich tan is seconds away. Blended with hydrating Aloe Extract, Bergamot Extract, and Ginger Root Extract to revitalize skin and restore softness while delivering a beautiful dark tan. Its rich brown tint allows you to see exactly where your Shady Tan has been applied. Give the gift of the perfect holiday vacation anytime.

for him:

Whiskey Stones- $20.00

Skip the ice--serve your drinks on the rocks. These innovative soapstone cubes were designed by Andrew Hellman, a big fan of single malt scotch, who wanted to chill his spirits without diluting them. Simply freeze the stones and add to your next drink.

They can be purchased at Uncommon Goods.

Shady Polish in Charcoal Coconut- $20.00

Slough off dead skin cells, fight free radicals and detox your largest organ with the aid of mineral salts, activated charcoal, raw cacao and nourishing oils. This super powered scrub draws out impurities, heal pimples, prevents further breakouts, tightens pores, smooths skin and reduces inflammation. Talk about an overachiever, eh? This scrub is lightly scented with warm earthy tones that won't overpower his senses. Snag him a bag here today!

Art of Shaving- $30.00

These aromatherapy-based products and handcrafted accessories guarantee optimal shaving results while relieving and preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, tough beard and sensitive skin. Go with the Starter Kit and get him 2 weeks' worth of essentials for achieving a close and comfortable shave. We love their Sandalwood scent at Macy's.

Shady Tan Can- $35.00

Our very own blend of Shady you can take home with you. The aerosol can makes it easy to apply on not so bare parts with minimal blending needed. With DHA derived from organically grown sugar, our solution is natural and vegan- just like the tan you've come to expect. Designed as a facial and full body self-tanning for all skin types and tones.Turn your man Shady this holiday season here.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag- $40.00

Keep easy-to-misplace items on your radar with this Bluetooth-powered rosewood tag and companion app. We've gotten so used to being able to find our missing phones by calling them, but your keys can't even vibrate! Enter the Bluetooth tracking tag. Simply secure to your items that keep getting lost throughout the house (your iPad, the remote, keys, wallet), then be able to find them at a moment's notice. This handy device can even locate your phone in minutes. It's much faster than looking everywhere for your keys, only to find them in the refrigerator. Get this must have at Uncommon Goods.

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