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Why you need a tanning tent

As a professional, we know spray tanning is one of the best ways to get a flawless summer glow in just a few minutes, but let's be real- it can get pretty messy... Whether you are a salon savvy pro or mobile mogul on the go, investing in a professional spray tanning tent instantly turns any room into a professional mini tanning salon. Forget stained walls and floors that lead to annoying and time consuming post-tanning cleaning. So start getting amazing results and save yourself some time.

Tanning Tent Perks

  1. Flexibility: Hate being tied down?Your spray tan tent can go wherever you go! No matter if you run an in-home tanning service, rent a space in a salon, own your own salon or are mobile- these tents can easily be set up and broken down quickly for any situation. If you do offer mobile services, arriving with a pop-up booth shows that you care about your customers, their home and your business. Mobile tents are also a great low-cost alternative for salon owners offering multiple spray tans at one time.

  2. Protects your room: Spray tan tents are the perfect safeguards against over-spray landing on your or a client's walls and floor. Since the mist stays inside of the tent, the clean-up is always minimal. And floors are not a concern, mobile tents protect carpet and flooring from damage with waterproof bottoms. Our tents are also specially designed with a ventilation duct in the back. This allows your extraction fan to fit perfectly inside preventing any solution or dirty equipment from touching the bare floor.

  3. Happier Clients: Using a spray tan tent can certainly help improve your overall results. With a high-quality tent, you instantly make a great first impression on your clients. When looking for a tent consider size, ventilation and light availability. The Shady Sun always suggests a tanning tent with a clear top to allow maximum even lighting to promote even coverage. Size counts here too! Consider the size of your current clients and potential clients- make sure your tent is both tall and wide enough to accommodate anyone who might step inside. This makes the tanning process easier on you as a technician and more comfortable for your clients.

Cleaning: The walls can be wiped down within seconds, so cleaning up between clients is a breeze! In need of a deep clean? Our tents are easily washed with a quick spray down with a hose to remove absorbed solution, then simply let air dry.

Not sure how to get that bad boy back in the bag?

Check out this step-by-step video, courtesy of

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