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How to Highlight with Shady Mist

Shady Mist is our best selling shimmer spray that can enhance and change the undertones of your Shady Tan or natural hue. With four unique shades, Opal, Rose Gold, Bronze and Mocha, it's the best accessory for tanning. But how do you use it?

When contouring there are 2 parts to pay attention to- the actual highlight and the shadows around the area. Shadows are what help highlights really pop and create depth and dimension to your figure. For example, use Mocha to create shadows around collar bones and shoulders, then offset the bones with Opal. Or for a more summery look, use Bronze to shadow and Rose Gold to highlight. Mix and match- you can't go wrong! Here are the areas to pay attention to:

How to apply the product:

There are a few ways, really, and it just comes down to finding what works for you. Bare hands are the crowd favorite. Shady Mist's pigments are not over saturated and the oil blend finishes dry, so no need to worry about staining or discoloring palms- simply wash your hands when finished rubbing into your skin.

Another popular method is with a cosmetic application brush. FancyVlogs By Gab rocked our Shady Mist in Bronze to NYC's 2016 BeautyCon when celebrity MUA Andrey Girard applied it with a brush to protect her clothes.

YouTube and InstaInfluencer, Jennifer Janelle dons our Shady Mist in Opal in this stunning quick tutorial. Check out her Shady Experience applying it with a beauty blender to get the perfect coverage.

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