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What's up with the names??

We know, some crazy names on our solutions, right? But where did they come from? Why did we pick them? These are some questions we get a bit from our tanners and salons, so we thought we'd give you the low down.

Adirondack Luster

The Adirondack Mountains- have you ever been there?! If not, add it to your bucket list now! Our favorite Northern hideaway there is Lake Placid, NY. The mountains there create the most amazing backdrop over Mirror Lake when you are laying out enjoying the sun on your deck. Because you are in higher altitudes and in cooler temps, the ability to tan can sometimes be forgotten- but the most amazing golden glows are achieved here. Perfectly subtle for just the hint of color.

Assateague Honey

Our current home beach, Assateague Island (pronounced ass-a-tea-gue) is one of the most unique spots on the East Coast, if not the US. Herds of wild ponies roam the land, but their origin is quite controversial and mysterious. Some say their ancestors swam to safety to these shores from a Spanish ship wreck, others whisper that they were hidden here by early settlers to avoid taxes. Whatever the reason, we are glad we can layout on the warm sand with them. A day at the beach here can give your skin warm, golden-honey tones to your skin so that's what we wanted in a solution honor it.

Wrightsville Amber

Our previous home and my home forever in my heart, Wrightsville Beach is just something to experience. Nestled in the Southeastern corner of North Carolina, this quaint beach town is a surfer's destination, a beach bum's hideaway and a wannabe local's dream. With water so clear you can see your toes and balmy summer days, the tans here you can achieve are rich, warm and gorgeous. So what does one do when they are home sick? They bottle it up- literally! So come take a vacay with us and get the local look!

Rose Hall Radiance

Can we just be real here for a second? How much do we all just love Jamaica?! I mean it's amazing. The water, the beaches, the culture, the everything! We just cannot get enough of this amazing vacation destination. So much so, that we named our deepest solution after the tans you can get in the Rose Hall region of Montego Bay, Jamaica. So if we cannot be sitting in the sand with a fresh beef patty or some festivals in our hands daily, well, this is the next best option.

There has also been over the more recent years a lot of cultural push back on both solution companies and salons for cultural appropriation (see the article from TeenVogue here), and that's just not something we are about here at The Shady Sun. Having a blended family, being of mixed race (I am half Native American/Caucasian), and founding a sunless company- it was something that caught my attention immediately and made me realize this was something I really needed to sit down and not only just consider, but take seriously. The sunless industry has been accused numerous times for endorsing the changing of skin tones to an uncomfortable level for others. Certainly as professionals and even tan addicts, we know that is not what is trying to happen or what we want- but we should keep in mind that not everyone is in our world daily- and while intentions are great, perceptions are reality. So when we were naming our solutions, you best believe we took this into consideration. Now, that doesn't mean we always get it right, but we sure always do what we can to try and keep learning.

What do you think? As we have new solutions coming out, where or what would you like them to be named? Let us know!

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