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Keep the ultimate contour

Contouring is not just the best thing since sliced bread - it's a way of life. It helps you look better and feel more confident. But applying a fresh contour each day can be time consuming, especially if you are one to prefer a fresh natural face.

That's where we come in! Well...ok, we phoned a friend and fellow Shady PRO Shop, Andrea Bounds of Andrea Bounds Beauty. Thank goodness for her because she shows us a new way to use some of our favorites to get the perfect contoured look with minimal effort.


Check out how makeup and beauty expert Andrea Bounds uses her Shady Sun products to help her clients achieve the perfect semi-permanent contoured face.

How to Contour According to Andrea Bounds

1. Start with a fresh clean face free of oils, toners and moisturizers.

2. Make an imaginary line from the corner of your lip to the tip of your ear. Brush Shady Foam downward directly onto the line, increasing intensity closer to the ear.

3. Take a beauty blender and blend down to create stunning cheek bone structure.

4. Starting in the middle of the forehead, stroke down with your brush and create a rainbow shape with the Foam towards the ear.

5. Blend into hairline and forehead.

6. Brush Foam onto jawline and down into your neck to contour your chin and make your jawline standout.

7. Tip: blend into your ear for a more natural look so no one can tell.

8. Blend with blender in a downwards motion.

9. To contour your nose, start at the bridge and stroke Foam down. Blend out leaving center of nose clear of any Foam.

10. Mimic on the other side. Wait 1-2 hours depending on intensity desired.

11. Mix Shady Foam and Shady Afterglow together and blend over entire face and neck area to produce a finished naturally glowing look to last for 5-7 days.

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