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Spooktacular Tans

What are you being for Halloween? Something funny? Scary? Sexy? Weird? Well no matter your flavor, one thing is for sure- healthy looking skin is in! Here's why you need to make sure your largest organ looks its best to help you win that sweet costume contest cash!*

*No promises our tans will actually help you win- that's entirely on you, boo-boo. So work it!

+ Playing Make Believe

Around here, we take full advantage of the holiday spirit- so go ahead, grab your best costume! From French maid to Wonder Woman to Hot Sauce Packets, a good sunless tan will help even out your complexion, minimize the appearance of cellulite, increase muscle definition and make you walk into a room like the goddess you are!

+ Scary Weather

So not only has summer just recently broken up with us again- this on again, off again thing has GOT to stop- but so it seems that our skin could be soon to follow. Fall and winter are harsh times on our skin with cooler, drier climates. Sunless tans, and the preparation needed for a flawless one, are great ways to boost your skin's appearance and your overall look. Whether you want to look alive or tropical, a little glow can go a long way.

Go ahead, show some skin!

+ Book in advance

Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for sunless tans, which means your artist's availability is shrinking constantly. Book as soon as you know your plans, the earlier the better so there are no scary surprises last minute.

pic courtesy of pinterest

I mean now that we've seen it, let's be honest-

even Wednesday Adams looks better with a goolish glow!

So what's stopping you?!

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