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Autumn Hues

Fall is here, Shady Nation! While we may have reluctantly put away our sundresses and bikinis to pull out our coats - it doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to healthy glowing skin.

Just because the degrees are fading away, doesn’t mean that your skin's Shade has to follow. You'd probably be surprised at how much skin is still exposed in these colorful cooler months (until you get dressed- yikes!). While applying a full body tan might not seem as appealing as you were when you were scantly clad this summer, but hear us out because we have some awesome options for you this season!

Shady Sun Fall Tanning Tips

Try a lighter solution

It's time to get seasonally appropriate Shady Tanners. Whether you are helping someone decide or you know what you want- opt for solutions or self tanning ways that contain less DHA (the main sunless tanning agent) – you will want a tan to contain around 8-10%, compared to 12% + which is more popular in warmer times. Changing up your tanning desires to a lighter glow will help create a softer, every-day look.

We suggest:

Assateague Honey (9% DHA)

Our best-selling professional formula is designed as a natural glow perfect on all skin tones and works wonders during the colder months. It produces warm golden-honey results that intensify pale, dull skin and evens out darker complexions.

Virginia Beach (custom blend of Assateague Honey + Wrightsville Amber)

This professional blend is really great any time of year (especially for lighter skin tones and bridal beauty), but it's also is the perfect transitional Shade into the cooler season. This blend helps skin appear warm and healthy with an extra boost of bronze.

Swiftly Shady (rinse time of 2.5 hours)

While this formula can be taken to a tropical extreme, controlling the times will control the color output. It was designed to be both quick-drying and deeply moisturizing - perfect for when skin is dry and you want to put warm clothes back on quicker. This set time allows the skin to have a noticeable glow, but still seasonally appropriate.

Try a lighter tanner

Run out of your spray tanning budget this summer? Just rather DIY? Then we have a few options that could be your alternative. These glowing Shades contain considerably less DHA allowing you to control the amount of color you have weekly for your autumn adventures.

We love:

Shady Afterglow

Mainly designed to extend your regular spray tan or self-tan, Shady Afterglow is a dual-use tanning weapon that is our main go-to during fall and winter. When used daily, this luxuriously thick lotion gives a natural, soft glow to your skin with incredible moisturizing benefits (and no greasy after feels).

Shady Foam + Shady Afterglow (1:1 mixture)

Ok, wait, we just talked about one of these, why is it here again? Well remember when we said it was a dual-use lotion? We may have lied, because here is a THIRD way to use it. Shady Foam on its own does create wonderful warm color, but for some this can be a bit intense- on the other hand, Shady Afterglow's build up might be too light. So what's one to do, Goldilocks? Blend them together! Mix them together in a one-to-one ratio and blend onto your skin with the Shady Tanning Mitt. Try this sun kissed cocktail to gives you the exact glow and coverage you want.

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