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Let it GLOW!

'Tis the season...well, almost and with it comes holiday parties where you need on your game. I think we all can agree that everything looks better when you have that perfect golden glow. So what can you do to ensure you are looking your finest this magical time of year?

Shady Sun Holiday Spray Tan

photo cred: Bliss Tulle

First, if the event is super important go ahead and put your skin in the hands of a PRO! Do your research and find a salon, if you haven't been or know of one, with great reviews and easy ways to book. However, if you're confident in your tanning abilities- go for it!

No matter which route you choose, before you tan you need to prepare your skin. You will want to exfoliate your skin ideally 24 hours before your appointment, or the night before. Make sure you do not use a wet, oily exfoliant as the oil will create a layer/barrier for the spray tanning solution. Check out our Shady Polish Collection to remove all the old, dead cells without over-drying your skin out either. You will also want to shave ensuring not to leave any razor or shaving cream residue on your skin. After, do not apply any lotions, oils, deodorants or perfumes- they can make your tan come out uneven.

Another important tanning tip is to choose your clothes wisely. It's best to dress casually and wear loose-fitting clothes that may not be your favorite. If you can avoid wearing a bra while your tan develops, that is ideal as well. If you are doing it yourself remember to use a tanning mitt in order to keep your hands clean.

After getting a spray tan you need to wait at least 8 hours before showering, unless you have used a rapid tan. Once you have rinsed off, you need to keep your skin hydrated! Winter is harsh on the skin and spray tans, so hydrating your skin will help your tan look better, last longer and fade evenly. This involves not only moisturizing it regularly, but also drinking lots of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. It is also important to avoid steaming hot showers or baths as this will fade your color faster. You can also use a special tan extender, like Shady Rinse or Shady Afterglow, to help lengthen your tan.

Shady Sun Holiday Spray Tan

photo cred: Bliss Tulle

Party or family gathering somewhere warm and tropical? It's important to remember that getting a spray tan offers no UV protection. It's still important to wear sun screen, hats and cover ups in the sun as you are still your same shade of pale underneath.

Finally, timing is another crucial factor. Getting a spray tan on the same day as the celebration could end in a horrible disaster- even when using a rapid tan. We suggest allowing yourself at least 1-3 days before your event to allow for full development and any last minute fixes should anything go crazy.

Hopefully these tips will help you merrily improve your tanning results!

To find a Shady Sun salon near you, click here.

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