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Why go pro with your products?

Not all tans are created equal. Let's just say it.

But how can you know if the glow you are after is the best?The easiest way is to make sure it's a professional-grade product. Professional products are only sold to those in the industry or who have been specially selected to learn the brand and uphold the standards.

Professional-grade spray tan solutions are using the highest-quality ingredients, have done the proper Research & Development (R&D) testing, and are only sold on platforms available to pro's (aka typically not Amazon or eBay). R&D is especially important because it involves more than smelling it and ensuring no one breaks out- it's about paying attention to how it dispenses, it's appearance outside the bottle, it's natural smell and the smell it develops once applied to skin, the results on the skin, how it develops, how it fades, and SO much more.

When brands and pro's skip on this, the end results is more often than not an inadequate tanning solution. Leaving your skin brassy, uneven, or blotchy (especially during the fade). Choosing a professional spray tanning solution for your glow is the only way to guarantee a natural-looking tanning result and ensure your skin is being nourished.

Even using self-tanners that are created by professional brands will increase your chances of success of flawless results at home.

It's also important to make sure that professional quality is following you home. What's the point in investing in a spray tan of the highest quality, just to touch it up with drug store brass? Plus, we understand heading to the salon every week might not be in your current budget. That's where professional-grade self-tanners are key! The same high-quality ingredients you love in your salon tan can be found in professional self-tanners too.

Lotions, mousses, and oils bought from the local corner store can seem tempting, but in the long run the cost is more than just money. These products are usually made in mass quantity with low-end ingredients. Flat out- they produce inferior tans. With tanning, like many other things in life, you get exactly what you pay for. Furthermore, what happens after "tanning season"? They are typically kept in storage, sometimes expiring, just to be resold next year. Yuck! This causes the formulas inside to produce green tans if the solution goes bad. If it doesn't, that's a good sign there are parabens and other unnatural preservatives your skin does not need! These chemicals can cause severe allergic reactions, rashes, and more.

Both of our Shady Self-Tanners are crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality ingredients can be used as well as upholding our promise to never let your tan be anything less than fresh (without those nasty parabens).

Is your salon carrying the best of the best? If not, tell them you want to be Shady and send them our way!

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