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Going without deodorant stinks!

We all know wearing deodorant is a big no-no on spray tan day, but do you know WHY?

Well, unless you are auditioning your pits for the next live action Shrek movie, you are not going to love your spray tan results when wearing traditional DO. The aluminum found in most deodorants can react with the spray tan solution to create the most glorious shades of highlighter green. The reaction is instant, and while it does typically buff out in the shower and return to normal, rocking this look during development sure is not fun.

So is there anything we can do if we cannot simply go with out DO? You bet ya, babe!

Here's some of our favorites:

Schmidt's - Quickly becoming the hot new kid on the block, Schmidt's revamped what natural can look and feel like. This is usually around the $8-10 price range.

Spray Tan Safe Deodorant

Tom's of Maine - The OG of natural deodorants. Tom's is big on natural ingredients and odor protection. Available at pretty much any drug store, this usually is within the $4-6 range and is very affordable.

Spray Tan Safe Deodorant

Noniko - A wonderful smooth, solid stick! Developed by a woman with a dream in her kitchen, this brand has quickly grown and taken over the West Coast and now the rest of the world. Typical price point of about $15.

Spray Tan Safe Deodorant

SmartyPits - Amazing company and deodorant! This company fights like it fights stink, so if you want to feel good while smelling good, SmartyPits is the way to go. The crème de la crème of DO is going to run you close to $12, but SmartyPits donates $0.30 from every large stick to breast cancer research and free deodorant to oncology centers, survivor support events and non-profit groups. So it's money well spent.

Spray Tan Safe Deodorant

Equate - A great affordable store-brand option, this is Wal-Mart's attempt to help us all in the fight against stink on spray tan day. You can expect this to usually be under the $4 price point.

Spray Tan Safe Deodorant

Wanna learn more about this?

Our Founder dropped some knowledge recently on our Facebook page.

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