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What a tan can really do!

Spray tanning isn’t anything new. It’s something men and women have been flocking to salons for years in order to obtain that instant gratification of beautifully bronzed skin. This form of tanning, however, is usually marketed towards lighter skinned people. Nothing wrong with that either, as spray tans help fair skin recapture their golden summer hues. But spray tan artists can't tell you how many times they we have heard an excuse not to sunless tan based off the person's ethnicity or natural skin tone.

So, how do we as professionals educate our clients and potential new ones of the benefits of sunless tanning no matter your background and complexion preferences?

The Shady Sun spray tanning skin tones

Well, here at The Shady Sun, thought we'd just SHOW you what a sunless tan is really like on everyone. We grabbed 4 women- all with different lifestyle, ethnicity, and tanning backgrounds and started slinging shade! Then we sat down with them to chat about the experience and how being Shady really made them feel.

These look like some pretty satisfied Shady Ladies, if you ask us!



Promptly Shady, 2-hour wear time

Annae is a busy student working full-time. She is currently deciding between perusing a career in Aesthetics or Pediatrics as she loves working both with kids and fine-tuning her makeup skills. She was also a first time Shady tanner! Annae is naturally a 5 on the Fitz Scale.

Tanning women of color is something that often happens, but rarely is discussed. "Being my complexion you never think of spray tans because you already have that nice tinted skin," but when offered the chance to glow, she jumped at it. "I've never gotten a spray tan, I was worried about being a darker complexion didn't know whether or not it would look right or how my skin would look at all a shade darker. But I was excited to try something new...and I got to admit, a bit eager to see what I would look like with a glow." However, the goal of sunless tanning shouldn't always be about drastically altering the color of someone's complexion. Tanning for darker skin tones ideal for creating even, glowing complexion and eliminating dull, grey tones from the skin that can especially appear in flash photography, stage lighting, and other scenarios.

After her tan, this girl could not stop smiling! "It made me feel confident and fall in love with my complexion all over again!"

"Don't be scared to try something new," she urges others with similar natural hues, "overall it was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again!"



Rose Hall Radiance

Brittney is a young mom of two amazing small boys. She works full-time and runs her own creative side hustle. She is also produces our branded and graphic merchandise, joining the Shady Team about a year ago. So needless to say, finding time for herself can be a challenge, but that's a big reason why she loves spray tanning!

Baring it all during childbirth can liberate some forever, but for others it makes them view their new bodies with judgmental eyes. Things may not be up in the same place, or look the same size, or maybe have become a bit more velomptuous, and that can make disrobing in front of a stranger hard. "I mean, the first time I did it I was nervous, just because I'm not the most confident in a bathing suit, or less than that, but after the first time with my spray tan artist- she was so chill and laid back, and she made me feel so comfortable!" Being comfortable in your own skin is something every woman deserves and is a big reason women love spray tanning. A lot of her mom friends have also recently jumped on the sunless wagon due to the ease of fitting into their busy lives and helping them feel like the women they were before they created universes. "When you have the right artist, it makes the entire process quick, easy, and anxiety-free. Plus, it's like a contour for your entire body- hide things here, accentuate things there, its wonderful!"

The Shady Sun spray tanning skin tones

Brittney's natural skin usually falls at a 4 on the Fitz scale due to her Native American heritage. When asked if she had any advice for someone of a similar complexion, she did not hesitate, "Your safe to go dark, it's not going to make you orange (even when you're the palest you could be in winter)."



Rose Hall Radiance

Taylor is a current college student and world traveler. She is a great example too of how our solutions really customize to an individual's skin; her tan looks nothing like Brittney's, which it shouldn't. Taylor is a natural 2 on the Fitz Scale, but with her lifestyle of extensive travel her skin has been loving the sun more and more making it currently act as a 3.

"I just love the way a good tan makes you feel," was the quote of the day for Taylor. While she is always all smiles, it's wonderful to see someone radiate happiness when they look and feel their best.

"I always feel better in my skin and more confident when I have a tan. Traveling all over, I don't always have the best notice when going somewhere warm- and I love being able to feel like I can where whatever I want whenever I need to," she explained. "Spray tans are instant gratification and let's me focus on the area and culture around me rather than working on a tan I can brag about when I come home."



Wrightsville Amber

Cheyenne is a busy working dog mom and wife that loves staying active. To the naked eye, Cheyenne looks like a 3 on the Fitz Scale. However, due to her heritage, her is actually a 4 when it comes to reacting to sunless tans. This is a big reason why professional spray tan artists are keen on knowing everything they can about their clients to ensure getting them the exact results they desire.

"I have gotten spray tans before! I love the way my personal tanner takes her time to make sure she gets my entire body. Whereas when I've used spray tan booths, I feel it doesn't get every nook and cranny of my body."

The Shady Sun spray tanning skin tones

Having that customized fit is important to women that are on the go and expect the most out of their skin. "My spray tan makes me feel so confident and sexy! I have lots of blemishes and scars all over my body and the spray tan does a great job in disguising them, which gives me more confidence."

Cheyenne's best tip for a perfect sunless glow, "Do no neglect exfoliating before a spray tan, it really makes a difference! Also, moisturize afterwards to maintain the glow for as long as possible."

Check out the full gallery below:

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